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Why is the flannel printed blanket washed separately?

Flannel printed blankets are often recommended to be washed separately to prevent color bleeding and potential damage to the print and the fabric. Here's why washing flannel printed blankets separately is advised:
Color Bleeding: Flannel printed blankets may contain dyes or pigments used to create the vibrant patterns and designs. When washed with other items, especially lighter-colored fabrics, there is a risk of color bleeding. Color bleeding occurs when the dyes in the flannel blanket transfer onto other fabrics, causing discoloration and potentially ruining the appearance of both the blanket and the other items.
Preserve Vibrancy: Washing flannel printed blankets separately helps preserve the vibrancy of the print. By avoiding exposure to other fabrics, which might contain chemicals or harsh detergents, you reduce the risk of the print fading or becoming dull over time.
Avoid Fabric Abrasion: Washing flannel blankets with heavier or rough-textured fabrics can cause fabric abrasion. The friction between fabrics during the washing and drying process can lead to pilling (formation of small fabric balls), surface damage, or premature wear on the blanket.
Proper Care: By washing flannel printed blankets separately, you can provide them with the special care they need. Delicate fabrics like flannel benefit from gentle washing cycles and milder detergents to maintain their softness and quality.
Additionally, using a gentle wash cycle and a mild detergent will help maintain the blanket's appearance and overall quality.