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What are the benefits of using stitching and hemming for Curled floral print double bed flannel print blanket?

The use of stitching and hemming in the production of a curled floral print double bed flannel print blanket offers several benefits, contributing to both the aesthetic appeal and functional durability of the product. Here are the key advantages:
Prevention of Fraying:
Stitching and hemming along the edges of the blanket help prevent fraying, ensuring that the fabric stays intact over time. This is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the blanket and preventing it from unraveling.
Enhanced Durability:
Well-executed stitching and hemming add to the overall durability of the blanket. The edges are reinforced, reducing the likelihood of tears or damage during use, washing, or handling.
Professional Finish:
The stitching and hemming provide a polished and professional finish to the blanket. This contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal, giving the product a neat and tidy appearance.
Improved Aesthetics:
Neatly stitched and hemmed edges contribute to the visual appeal of the blanket. The finished edges create a clean and refined look, enhancing the attractiveness of the floral print and the overall design.
Comfortable Edges:
The absence of rough or unfinished edges makes the blanket more comfortable to use. Smooth edges created through proper stitching and hemming ensure that the blanket feels soft against the skin.
Resistance to Unraveling:
Properly stitched and hemmed edges prevent the fabric from unraveling, even after multiple washes. This resistance to unraveling is essential for maintaining the blanket's appearance and functionality over an extended period.
Longevity of Print:
Secure stitching and hemming contribute to the longevity of the floral print. By preventing fraying and unraveling at the edges, the overall quality of the blanket, including its decorative elements, is better preserved.
Structured Design:
Stitching and hemming help maintain the structured design of the blanket. This is especially important for double bed-sized blankets, where structural integrity ensures that the blanket remains well-fitted and functional.
Easy Maintenance:
Properly stitched and hemmed edges make the blanket easier to maintain. They can withstand regular washing without losing their shape or compromising the overall quality of the product.
Professional Craftsmanship:
The inclusion of stitching and hemming reflects a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Customers often associate such professional finishing with higher quality and value in the product.