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Manufacturing process of flannel printed blanket

The production process of flannel printed blanket usually includes the following steps:
Design pattern: First, the designer needs to design the required pattern and convert it into a digital file. These files can be created with computer-aided design software.
Printing preparation: transfer the designed pattern to specific printing paper through printing equipment. Debossed paper can be plain paper or special debossed paper.
To make the blanket: Cut and sew the flannel fabric and filling (such as cotton or down) into the desired blanket shape.
Printing: Put the printed paper on the finished blanket, and transfer the pattern to the blanket through techniques such as heat pressing or heat transfer.
Color Fixing Treatment: After printing, the blanket needs to be color fixing treatment to ensure that the pattern will not fade or fall off. This is usually done by high temperature drying or steam treatment.
Inspection and Packing: After color fixing treatment, the blanket needs to be inspected to ensure the printing quality and blanket quality meet the requirements. Finally, the blanket is packaged and labeled, ready to be sold or shipped.