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Is there a specific thread count or construction technique that enhances the overall durability?

Thread count is a measure of the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric, typically for cotton sheets. However, when it comes to flannel printed blankets, the concept of thread count is not as applicable because flannel is usually made from a different type of weave and fabric. Instead, the focus is often on the weight and thickness of the flannel.
For flannel blankets, the construction technique and the weight of the fabric are more crucial factors in determining durability and overall quality. Here are some considerations related to construction techniques and weight:
Fabric Weight:
The weight of the flannel is an important factor. Heavier flannel is generally more durable. The weight is often measured in ounces per square yard (or grams per square meter), and higher weight indicates a denser and more substantial fabric.
Brushing Technique:
Flannel is often made by brushing the fabric to create a soft and fuzzy surface. The brushing process not only enhances softness but also contributes to the insulation properties of the material. Multiple brushings or a double-brushing technique can add to the overall plushness and durability.
Flannel can be single-ply or double-ply. Double-ply flannel involves two layers of fabric woven together, making it thicker and potentially more durable. However, the choice between single-ply and double-ply is also a matter of personal preference.
Tight Weave:
While flannel is known for its softness and fuzzy texture, a tight weave contributes to its durability. A well-constructed, tightly woven flannel fabric is less likely to fray or lose its integrity over time.
Quality of Raw Materials:
The quality of the raw materials, such as the type of cotton used, can impact the overall durability of the flannel. High-quality, long-staple cotton fibers are generally associated with better durability and a smoother finish.
Edge Stitching:
Reinforced or double-stitched edges can enhance the durability of the blanket. Strong stitching along the edges helps prevent fraying and adds to the overall structural integrity.